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December 17 2012


August 20 2012

Sicherheit und Ordnung: Ihre Feststellungen über Unordnung oder Störungen im Stadtbild sind uns wichtig.

Telefon: 0341 123 88 88

May 21 2011


Debian Packages - Server autostart

All in all, I really like Debian and I use it a lot. However there is one thing which I do not understand: Why do all those daemon packages add the daemon to the default runlevels and why do they start them immediately?

If you are honest, most daemons which are not basic system daemons are somehow useless until configured correctly, if not even insecure. Latest examples: the ejabberd package starts ejabberd automatically on installation, also starting the erlang rpc daemon listening for connections from any IP address. The latter is a security issue. 

Or take jabberd2 (granted, this package is only in sid) it starts the xmpp router with the password "secret" also listening on any IP. This is also a security issue.

I wonder: At least for ejabberd the Debian maintainers' answer to that question was: "if we would bind the rpc daemon to ::1/ instead, we would break clustering". Having the xmpp router listening on anything else than loopback is also only relevant for bigger jabber setups which have to distribute c2s,s2s,sm,transports over different machines. Is it really a good idea to configure packets with an insecure default configuration which allows for features most people won't need and of which those who need it know their way around, or should packages come with a secure default configuration?

February 28 2011



Iggy Pop

Marc Jacobs

Helen Mirren

Paris Hilton


Cate Blanchett

Angelina Jolie

Zinedine Zidane

Heath Ledger

Sarah Palin

Jack Nicholson

George Clooney

Mark Zuckerberg


Clint Eastwood

Dennis Hopper

Barack Obama

Colin Farrell

Zach Galifianakis

Christopher Walken

Bill Murray

Mickey Rourke

Justin Timberlake

Del Valte Ozbbel

Harriet Sykes

Kelly Slater

Toni Cipolla

John McEnroe

Marina Abramovic

za: http://community.livejournal.com/everyday_i_show/106914.html?page=1#comments
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A couple of months ago, ad-projectors appeared in a Berlin subway station, throwing moving images all over the station walls and lifting visually aggressiveness to a new level. Since the images were projected, we could get between projector and projection to fight this new quality of exaggerated advertisement with its own weapons. Minimalinvasive adbusting devices made of mirrors, magnets and quite some ducktape.

Berlin, 2011
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February 27 2011


Reservoir Trek

Every Trekker has his day. (Transporter Dogs by Rabittooth, link via Shopped Sci Fi)

Previously on Popped Culture...

February 26 2011

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I am a Doctor...
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February 10 2011

Gibt es eigentlich einen Grund weswegen das Video gespiegelt ist?

January 23 2011

meow of doom
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Hm, der kommt mir bekannt vor. :)
Let's head for 8 * 10^7

Su Holder sagt der Familienministerin ihre Meinung!

Es ist ungefähr so, wie wenn der größte Klassenstreber, der immer nur Einsen schreibt, sagt: “Oh Gott, hoffentlich fall ich nicht durch”…

Familienministerin Kristina Schröder ist schwanger und sorgt sich um ihre Zukunft. Die Frauen der FritzRedaktion haben sich heute Morgen extrem darüber aufgeregt.

Su Holder mit einem offenen Wort an die schwangere Familienministerin:

Liebe Kristina Schröder,

ich freu mich eigentlich immer über Schwangerschaftsbotschaften, aber alle Zitate von Ihnen, die man heute lesen muss, rufen Ekel und Würgereflexe in mir hervor. Zum Beispiel: “Wir werden vor den gleichen Herausforderungen stehen wie viele andere Paare in Deutschland, bei denen beide beruflich sehr gefordert sind.”

Wie anmaßend, schamlos, unmoralisch, blind und bescheuert sind Sie eigentlich? Mit 16.529,50 Euro im Monat und einem garantierten, vergoldeten Betreuungsplatz in der 5 Sterne-Bundestags-Kita stehen Sie NICHT vor den gleichen Herausforderungen wie viele andere Paare in Deutschland.

Sie hoffen “Karriere und Familie unter einen Hut zu bringen mit der Unterstützung ihrer Familien”… Erzählen Sie uns bitte nicht, dass Sie von Existenzängsten geplagt sich nachts wälzen und sorgen, ob das Geld für Windeln reichen wird, ob Sie problemlos ihre Arbeitsstelle zurück bekommen. Fragen Sie sich lieber, wer eigentlich vor kurzem das Elterngeld gekürzt hat.

Ich wünsche Ihnen Sodbrennen, Wasserbeine, Müdigkeit, Krampfadern und Hämorrhoiden – wenigstens körperlich gleiche Herausforderungen.


Bitte weiterverbreiten! Radio Fritz wurde, wie es z.Zt. aussieht, gezwungen diesen Text zu entfernen. Da ich Zensur in einem demokratischen Land nicht tolerieren kann sag ich nur noch eins dazu: Streisandeffekt!

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Radio Fritz nimmt den offenen Brief von Su Holden an die schwangere Familienministerin offline
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November 16 2010

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November 14 2010

Good to know. The thought of seeing something like this in the wild on recent hardware did not really occur to me. (Especially as diskette drives are getting rare and at least this BIOS only shows that graphic if there is in fact a diskette drive in the box)
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old IBM bios error message
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November 13 2010


C++ has an astonishingly complicated grammar, which means that compilation takes forever and other tools don't work as well as they do for languages with simpler grammars, like C or Java.

C++ doesn't really have compile-time encapsulation: if you add a private member to a class, you need to recompile everything that uses that class even though the class's public interface didn't change. That woudn't be so bad in and of itself except that C++, again, takes forever to compile.

C++ also doesn't have run-time encapsulation or really any serious run-time error checking that you don't do yourself. Yes, it's for performance reasons, but some people are working on problems that aren't performance-critical and would prefer a language that doesn't pound nails through our dicks. (if it doesn't have encapsulation, why do they call it "object oriented?")

C++'s exception support is hilariously broken. 1) If you've allocated some memory for an object, and then you throw an exception, you don't have that pointer anymore, and because C++ doesn't have garbage collection you've just leaked memory. The only way around this is to implement garbage collection yourself; C++ weenies call this "RAII" and if they're really far down the rabbit hole they sometimes don't even realize that it's just them implementing shitty reference-counting garbage collection. 2) You can't throw exceptions in destructors. Well, you can, but when an exception is raised, all the destructor for objects on the stack are called, and if one of them throws an exception while you're already handling an exception the program terminates. Seriously, that's what the standard says, I'm not making this up. So you can't throw exceptions in destructors, or call any function that might throw an exception. 3) In every major compiler I've used, exception handling support is implemented in such a way that it slows down every function call you make. Yes, it's only slightly, but it means if you really care about performance, you can't use exceptions, and if you don't care about performance why the hell are you using C++? And even if you want to use them they're almost worthless; I mean you can't even get a goddamn stack trace out of them. You can throw arbitrary objects, but the catcher can't figure out what the hell the object is because of C++'s lack of reflection. Etc.

C++, in an effort to be sort-of compatible with C (except where it's not compatible with C, which makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place) keeps all of C's features while creating duplicate features with their own new, horrifying problems. So you have C++ templates, but you still need to deal with C macros. You have std::vectors, but you still need to deal with arrays. You have std::string and char*, and neither is particularly good. Making things even funnier, C++ doesn't like to use its new features and prefers the C stuff: a string literal is a char*, not a std::string, the arguments to main() are int argc, char** argv, rather than something sensible like std::vector args, iostream does not take std::string for its filename arguments, etc.

While we're on the subject, the standard iostream is pants-on-head retarded. The streams are stateful, which means that std::cout foo; depends not only on the values of cout, foo, and the overloaded left bit shift operator, but also on whatever's been sent to cout in the past. You send values like std::hex or std::setw(int) to set parameters, so when you grab a stream you don't really know what the fuck will happen. This is supposed to be an improvement over printf? They're verbose as hell, too: say you're printing some hex numbers. In C, you'd use "printf("0x%08xn", x);" for int x. In C++, you use "std::cout std::hex std::setfill('0') std::setw(8) x std::dec std::endl;" It's absurd.

The standard library is completely anemic. I'm not even talking about GUI stuff, here: there's no platform-independent way to do some really basic stuff like pausing for a length of time, or starting a new thread. You can use some "platform independent library wrapper" like ACE, but which of the many, many mutually incompatible wrappers are you going to use? Is that wrapper still going to be maintained when you're working on your program a few years down the line? Do you need to ship this wrapper's runtime to your customers? Why the hell doesn't the language spec specify some of this shit? The STL (and any other template-heavy code, particularly code that does a lot of operator overloading, too) also just loves to dump gigantic unintelligible multi-kilobyte error messages at the slightest provocation.

I could go on, really. If you've only used C++ in class or in personal projects then it seems like a neat language; it's not until you need to use it for a large codebase with lots of other people, some of whom have already moved on to other companies, that you realize what an unholy mess the language is.

Slashdot Comments | The Coming War Over the Future of Java
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November 12 2010

Dass die DENIC noch existiert, ist wohl allein dem Umstand geschuldet, dass die Waffengesetzgebung Deutschlands nicht ganz so liberal ist wie die der USA.
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